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My Process

Nicole Bolinger

My glass process starts with using special art glass made here in America at the Bullseye Glass Company.  I use sheet and accessory glass (stringers, frit, powders) to create my various art pieces.  Glass fusing is all about time versus temperature and I follow the rules of fusing very closely to bring the best out in my art. Each piece in my collection will have seen two firings, one to create the "blank", where it is fused at 1480 degrees Fahrenheit and a second firing to give the shape where it is fired between 1200-1250 degrees Fahrenheit.  I'm heating the glass just enough to make it soft and let it fall into a special bisque mold made for glass.



Some of my art glass will remain high gloss, other pieces I will sandblast before shaping the glass which will give it a beautiful matte finish.  Each piece speaks to me as what finish it should have.  



All pieces are signed with my initials and the year.   I hope you enjoy your art glass from RocketGirlGlass.

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